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Meridian, ID Managed IT and Support Services

IT Solutions for Meridian, ID

VRI Technology is the premier provider of managed IT and support services in Meridian. We are an industrious company that will take care of all your IT needs. This includes IT support, vendor management, cybersecurity, and project management. Contact us at (208) 629-3100 for details.

Diligently Managed IT and Support Services in Meridian

Running a business in Meridian needs fervent care so as to avoid any issues when it comes to your IT systems. We can provide everything you need when it comes to Information Technology to improve the performance of your company. VRI Technology can help you achieve your business goals! 


Basic IT support for small organizations provides peace-of mind and keeps your devices running at their best. We offer hourly service rates with discounts too.


Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a great way to keep your company's data secure and up-to-date. We can help with deployment of project planning, support services, or licensing assistance with the migration process!


Project Management

 We're here to help you upgrade your server, workstation or office spaces! Whether if it’s a small or a large scale project, we'll be happy to execute those for you.


Are you in need of managed IT services? Then we can help! We offer contracts for companies who want a little more out of their tech support.


Cloud Services

How do you know if the cloud is right for your company? We can help answer that question. After years of experience in working with companies from all sizes and industry, we at VRI Technology are experts at moving workloads onto a Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform!


Vendor Management

Wondering what ISP to go with for your new location or how best to manage printers in an office? Our connections across the industry can help you find just the right vendor, whether that's for copiers and faxes or even data storage.


Remote Employee Logistics

Remote Employee Logistics is an available addon for Managed IT contracts that allows your company to outsource fulfillment of corporate computer hardware and software resources. We manage inventory, shipping workstations out the door while you enjoy peace-of-mind knowing they are being handled by experts who know what's best!


Cyber Security

People need to be more aware of the risks they face in today's world. Cyber security is a big deal and it affects your business too! With our years of experience, we know how important this subject matter really has become for any company with valuable data on their computer system or network.


Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO services give you access to a qualified expert who can help with budgeting and planning, assessing the potential impact on your business objectives.


Help Desk

Do you want to free your employees from having to call IT support every time there is a problem? We can help with that! Our team of specialists are trained and ready for any challenge.

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