Technology is more integrated in business than ever before. With email, VoiP phones, web applications, shared documents, and line of business applications, it is absolutely critical that your network is planned, scaled and engineered to be reliable and that the proper partners are selected to install, maintain, and service your infrastructure. Managing all the pieces and making sure everything and everyone works together is complicated. 

Enter a VRI Technology Virtual CIO. A Virtual CIO is the key to helping you and you business turn technology from an expense item, into a competitive advantage. From developing budgets, planning new technology implementations, and vendor selection and management, a Virtual CIO can give your company the support, planning, and management to bring it all together, on-time and on-budget.

Our Virtual CIO service is highly customized for each client based on your companies individual needs. From just a few hours per month of remote planning and management, all the way up to a part time onsite manager that regularly interacts and coordinates with other executive team members to plan and execute your companies technology goals.


There are many benefits to our Virtual CIO services. Here are just a few of them:

  • Dedicated Virtual CIO (You will work with the same CIO for the term of your contract)

  • Decades of experience in budgeting and planning

  • Expert execution of your technology plan

  • Top rated vendor selection processes

  • Customized processes tailored to your business

  • Regularly scheduled review sessions to keep track of progress and update goals

  • So much more....


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