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IT support for Personal & Small Businesses

Protecting Your

Simplified IT Program

Managed Anti-Virus

Managed Threat and Intrusion Detection

Remote Off-Site Backup

Weekly PC TuneUp

Simple Support Ticketing System

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IT As Easy As

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Managed Anti-Virus

Ransomware attacks are the worst. When people go phishing and try to break into your computer, 99% of the time, they want to take over all of your data. In fact, ransomware attacks are so common; they happen every 14 seconds!

Weekly PC TuneUp

We use an Automated Maintenance Procedure to access your computer and execute a thorough system makeover. It also alerts us if there is missing disk space. We perform a rigorous computer health checkWe suggest performing tune-ups on all of your computers and devices frequently to guarantee that they are operating at peak performance. Regular tune-ups can prevent minor problems from becoming major ones, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Managed Threat And Intrusion Detection

When our Antivirus system finds something suspicious, it will send a ticket to the VRI Technology Help Desk to ensure it’s taken care of.

We also handle all the updates for your computers, ensuring your workflow is uninterrupted. We teach small business owners and employees how to identify IT threats and the steps for reporting them immediately.

Simple Support Ticketing System

In a readily accessible online location, our simple ticketing system offers our clients a standard means of tracking many work streams and interacting with our staff. When something goes wrong, our IT staff is automatically notified using a simplified ticketing system. The primary purpose of our IT ticketing system is to return service operations to normal as quickly as possible while minimizing business impact. Our team organizes and prioritizes cases instead of manually sorting through hundreds of messages, allowing them to be resolved swiftly.

Remote Off-Site Backup

natural calamities such as fires, floods, and earthquakes can wipe out your digital files and media. Even if you're one of the few people who perform frequent local backups, you risk losing data if you don't utilize off-site backups.A solid backup strategy can significantly improve your digital life and provide you with peace of mind. We help small businesses backup their data and store it off-site to avoid losing any critical data.

VRI can manage the entire fulfillment process for you. From coordinating with your employees on what equipment they need, to shipping your employees what they require, to managing your inventory and holding it at our site. 

Remote IT

Got remote employees? No problem. 

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Simple project

VRI Technology provides IT security

We have the experts to easily manage your transition to the cloud, help you upgrade your network, or change ERP software. 

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