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Our Solutions

Whether your business has 5 employees or 500. We can help you with your IT needs. If you are deploying Microsoft 365, wondering how the cloud might fit into your business model, have remote employees that you need to simplify deployment to, or need a reliable and knowledgeable partner to provide IT support for your employees, we can help.


Simplified IT

Basic IT support for small organizations. These plans include everything you need to protect your devices and ensure they are running at their best for your employees. These plans also include a discount on our hourly service rates.


Managed IT

Managed IT are term contracts for companies that need a little more out of their IT support. These contracts include things like help desk support for employees, anti-virus software, workstation monitoring and management, computer license and inventory management and more.


Remote Employee Logistics

Remote Employee Logistics is an available addon for Managed IT contracts that allows your company to outsource fulfillment of corporate IT resources to remote employees to us. We handle managing computer inventories, hold your inventory at one of our offices, ship workstations out to your remote employees and receive returned workstations back.


Microsoft 365

Migrating to Microsoft 365? Want to Deploy Microsoft 365 in your company? We can help with that. We can provide licensing, support, and project planning and management to make your company's transition to Microsoft 365 seamless. 


Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure. Google Cloud. Amazon AWS. How do these fit into your company's business? We can help answer that question. We have years of experience in working with companies of all size to plan and execute moving workloads to the cloud.


Cyber Security

Cyber security is top of mind today. Are you and your business doing everything you can to protect your data? We can help with that. With years of experience in helping protect companies and their data, we can help you too.


Project Management

Looking to upgrade your server? What about upgrade workstations? Moving offices? We can help with planning and executing on any of those projects and more. We even handle outside contractors so you don't have to.


Vendor Management

Wondering what ISP to go with for your new location or what print vendor to use for your office copier? We can assist with vendor selection and management for both of those and more. With our deep industry connections we can help you find the right vendor to meet your needs. 


Virtual CIO

Do you need help with budgeting and planning? Maybe you are wondering how technology can strategically integrate into your company and increase your bottom line? Virtual CIO services give you access to a qualified expert who can help you assess budgets and plans for IT that integrate into your business objectives. 


Help Desk Support

Do you need someone your employees can call with IT problems that isn't you? We can help with that. We have a trained team of IT specialists that are ready to assist you and your employees with any IT issue you may have. 

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