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Caldwell, ID Manage IT and Support Services

IT Solutions for Caldwell, ID

The citizens of Caldwell can rest easy knowing that their business resources are safe because VRI Technology is here for them. We are a solid group of highly-experienced IT professionals who can thwart any cyber threat. Reach out to us any time if you need protection for your Caldwell business at (208) 629-3100.

Coordinated Managed IT and Support Services in Caldwell

IT security can pose a threat to businesses in Caldwell which could lead to huge problems. Protect yourself by teaming up with VRI Technology and we will come up with a coordinated approach to ensure the safety of your business assets.


These plans include everything you need to protect your devices and ensure they are running at their best for your employees. Why not choose an all-inclusive basic IT support package that also has a discount on hourly service rates?


You don't have to worry about your employees or company computers when you're on the go. Our managed IT services offer a wide range of solutions designed for businesses with small and large needs.


Remote Employee Logistics

Remote Employee Logistics is a great way for your company to outsource fulfillment of corporate IT resources. We handle managing computer inventories, hold the inventory at one of our offices, and ship workstations out in order that remote employees receive them back with no hassle or extra cost on your end.


Microsoft 365


Cloud Services


Cyber Security

By migrating to Microsoft 365, you can gain access to a cloud-based solution that is secure and manageable. We'll help make the process of deploying this across your company seamless with our licensing and project management expertise.

The cloud is one of the most exciting things to come about in recent years. From Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon AWS we can help answer your questions on how best these businesses work with yours.

The world of cyber security is a rapidly evolving one. Let us help you stay ahead of your game when it comes down to protecting data from hackers.


Project Management

Upgrade your server and workstation needs with a single call to our team. We'll cover everything from planning, executing onsite or offsite projects - even handle outside contractors for you!


Vendor Management

Wondering what ISP to go with for your new location or which print vendor will best serve the needs of an office copier? Our team can help you determine if one company is better than another. We have deep industry connections and know all about making sure our customers find just what they need!


Virtual CIO

If you're looking for help with your company's budget and planning, Virtual CIO services can give the right professional to get it done. This expert will assess how technology could strategically integrate into any business objective.


Help Desk

When you need help with IT, who do you call? We're here to take care of that for your company. Our trained team has the expertise and knowledge necessary in order to solve any problem faced by employees or business owners alike!

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