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Simplify Your Company's IT

Managed IT &
Support Services

Protecting your company’s assets includes having the best IT security in place. Our innovative team here at VRI Technology has the expertise needed to deliver all your technology needs, including keeping all your data safe.

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VRI's Technologoy Support Desk for submitting Issues with your computer
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How We Manage Your Companies IT

We work diligently around the clock to handle all your employee IT support, vendor management, cybersecurity, and project management. 

We’ll provide the support needed for your management team down to being the IT solution for all your employees. Let VRI become your company’s secret IT weapon!

Our main objective is to create a solid strategy that simplifies any IT infrastructure and stops hackers dead in their tracks. You won’t need to worry about any viruses, malware, unauthorized access, or any other harmful entities that can destroy everything you’ve worked so hard for. 


You’ll be able to reduce any downtime, focus on other aspects of your business, and increase your employees’ productivity with us behind the scenes, solving all your IT needs. 


Our IT services can build the foundation needed to fill the gaps many companies experience when implementing the correct IT processes.

Our Services

VRI Technology IT Support Service

IT Support

Protect your network, server, and all your devices through our integrated system. We’ll provide on-site or remote support whenever needed. Your time is valuable, and our team of IT experts recognizes that with their robust solutions.    

VRI Technology Project Management Service

Project Management

Our experts can help make your transition to the cloud go smoothly, help you upgrade your network, or change ERP software. We do it all, including Cloud Transitions, Azure Deployment, Microsoft 365 Implementation, and handle all your network upgrades.

VRI Technology Simplified IT Service

Simplified IT

Our main goal is to keep IT Security simple for our clients. You won’t need to worry about protecting your data because we will always be one step ahead of any harmful intrusions. When it comes to securing your data and network, we’ve got you covered!

VRI Technology Information Security Service


We’ll proudly take care of all your security needs with daily virus scans, real-time anti-malware protection, weekly backups of your files, email accounts, settings, and passwords to an external hard drive or cloud storage location. Our team of security experts will continuously monitor your network for any signs of a breach. 

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VRI Technology Ensures Reduced Downtime

Reduce Downtime

VRI Technology helps save time

Save Time

VRI Technology Helps Save Money

Save Money

We take care of supporting your employee's IT needs. We take care of managing those IT projects. We take care of managing your cloud services. 

We take care of IT so you don't have to.

We want to get to know you better, and that’s why we create custom plans based on your specific requirements. We understand that not all companies are designed equally, and this is why we cater to customized options that meet all our clients’ needs. 

Our IT Experts deliver decades of industry experience and knowledge. We work to ensure that each client we serve can feel confident that the technology solutions they are deploying will meet their business objectives and help drive their desired results.

Why VRI?

You have better things to do than worry about IT for your small business

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VRI Technology Provides easy and convienent IT solutions image

Fast and efficient support

Our experts are always here to help you or your employees. 

In addition, you and your company is assigned a team of support technicians so you always know who you are talking to, and they know you.

Remote IT

Got remote employees? No problem. 

VRI can manage the entire fulfillment process for you. From coordinating with your employees on what equipment they need, to shipping your employees what they require, to managing your inventory and holding it at our site. 

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VRI offers fully remote solutions for IT services.
VRI Techonology Provides Project management for New Offices for IT Image

Simple project

We have the experts to easily manage your transition to the cloud, help you upgrade your network, or change ERP software. 

Cloud Transitions

Azure Deployment

Microsoft 365 Implementation

Network Upgrades


From employee support to remote employee fulfillment. From cloud deployment to cyber security and more.

VRI has the experts you can rely on to help your company achieve your business objectives. 

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