Managed IT Services

Is your IT department nonexistent or overworked? If so, our Managed IT services in Boise, Idaho, are designed to free your IT experts from micromanaging day-to-day operations, allowing them to focus on technology innovation that can help you improve your business. 


We can help you make your IT team a strategic asset by delegating the everyday tasks to us. Our managed IT services can help you simplify your IT management by taking full or partial responsibility for all or part of your IT services. 


Managed IT is a proactive, results-oriented approach and provides comprehensive reporting that will give your company complete visibility and assurance.

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Long Term Fixed-Price Contract

Why waste time looking for things you know you'll need again and again? You'll always have access to the features you need at a low, fixed price if you sign a long-term fixed-price agreement with VRI Technologies. 


Our Managed IT service offers term contracts from one to three years for companies that need a little more out of their IT support. These contracts include help desk support for employees, antivirus software, workstation monitoring and management, computer license and inventory management, and more.


Below are some of the many advantages of our fixed-price long term contract:


  • Whenever you have an IT issue, we are only a phone call away

  • You can lock in our low price and avoid unexpected price increases

  • We never force automatic renewals; the choice is always yours 

  • We build business relationships on trust, resulting in stronger partnerships

  • We take the time to understand your business needs, resulting in increased overall efficiency

  • We take your vision and make it a reality; you’ll no longer need to worry about your IT department 

  • You can save money on both storage and handling fees

  • We provide a stress-free experience by collaborating with your team right from the start


With our Managed IT services, you won't have to worry about spending countless hours trying to solve your own IT problems. We can ensure you will have less downtime and more productivity because we continuously work behind the scenes.  

Managed IT Support

Managed IT support is an essential and necessary component of any company's technology strategy. We can help you monitor, troubleshoot, and support your corporate infrastructure. 


Our proven track record and new techniques like remote serviceability solutions allow for better responsiveness when it comes time to deploy updates or patches regularly, so you are always staying up-to-date!

Help Desk Support

We have the knowledge, expertise, and a team of professional IT experts dedicated to providing all our clients with the solutions they need to run their business like a well-oiled machine.

Our fixed, long-term contracts also include Help Desk support. Our expert team members assist end users in making the most of their IT hardware and software. In addition, we have IT help desk personnel to resolve internal hardware and software issues.  

Let us be there for your employees when they need fast and efficient answers to all their questions! 

Antivirus Software

You know you need to protect yourself from various threats, but ensuring your security plan is as complete as it needs to be can be difficult. Our Antivirus Software contract is designed to relieve you of that burden by assisting you in developing and implementing a security strategy that covers your entire organization and complies with all applicable compliance regulations.

Workstation Monitoring and Management

The most significant advantage of our Desktop Monitoring and Maintenance contract is that it allows you to detect issues before they become much more severe. Unresolved issues can develop into problems that result in hardware failure and downtime, both of which can quickly deplete your budget and render you powerless.


Our Workstation Management Service catches technology issues early and fixes them without any interruptions. We’ll monitor how your system's CPU, disc space, and memory are used and make any necessary fixes that will always provide you with the best solutions.


If anything seems out of the ordinary, you can count on us to take care of it right away. In most situations, we can fix the issue by remotely accessing the computer, saving you the cost of an on-site visit.

Inventory Management

VRI Technologies offers an inventory management service that can help you optimize your inventory levels based on the current state of your business. Our cutting-edge system is fully automated and includes features such as real-time “low level” inventory alerts, movement history reports, and current usage analysis to help you manage your inventory.


We also have an inventory control management team that will work with you to ensure the right products are available at the correct times to meet varying customer demands during regular business hours, promotional spikes, and seasonal volume changes.

Improved Network Security & Management

The scope and complexity of today's IT environment necessitate expert care and attention. First, there are external threats, such as the near-daily cloud-related threats that the average enterprise faces each month and malware attack strategies that are constantly evolving. 


Then there are ongoing internal requirements, such as managing the lifecycle of your IT assets and performing routine network maintenance and monitoring. Adequate attention to these areas is essential, but it depletes IT resources significantly.


VRI can assist you with convenient and cost-effective IT management services. You can feel confident that your network is in good hands, freeing up your internal IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

Fully Customizable IT Solutions

It's never been easier to get managed IT services in Boise, Idaho. Select the IT support services you require to build a customized package that meets your immediate requirements.


In our managed IT services, we provide:


  • Fixed long-term price contracts

  • There are over 100 IT experts available to help you

  • Proactive system monitoring

  • On-site assistance

  • Account management by dedicated IT consultants, as well as other services

Why should you outsource your IT to VRI Technologies?

  • With our 24/7 network monitoring and proactive support team, you can stay ahead of IT issues

  • We can help you maintain your company's productivity by resolving most issues within 20 minutes or less

  • With our fully customizable support packages, you can get dependable services that match your business needs

  • Work with a professional team of IT professionals who are familiar with your requirements and company goals